Pricelist / €

A personal consultation is usually needed to assess the exact cost of treatment.


Clinic visit basic price 30.00
Doctor's consultation up to 30 mins 50.00
Preparation of written treatment plan 50.00
Surface anaesthesia 10.00
Injection anaesthesia 20.00
Opening and processing of dental root canal (according to the complexity) from 80.00
Application of medicine into dental root canal from 40.00
Filling of dental root canal from 60.00
Filling of dental root canal with thermafil obturation technique from 80.00
Intraoral digital X-ray (1 area) 20.00
Digital panoramic X-ray 50.00
3D X-ray from 80.00
Use of microscope at treatment visit 45.00
Glass ionomer filling from 60.00
Light-curing filling from 90.00
Removal of dental tartar (one tooth) 10.00
Soda blasting (pearl wash) – two dental arcades 120.00
Repeated whitening procedures 240.00
Zoom whitening (professional whitening) 275.00
No-show at visit without notification 50.00


Dental impression from 30.00
Preparation of tooth for prosthesis 52.00
Full denture from 750.00
Partial prosthesis from 500.00
Plate prosthesis fracture repair from 150.00
Addition of one tooth to prosthesis from 80.00
Ceramic CAD/CAM crown from 550.00
Ceramic CAD/CAM inlay from 375.00
Zirconium CAD/CAM crown / laminate / bridge unit from 600.00
Ceramic screwable implant crown CAD/CAM with Ti-Base abutment from 890.00
Temporary crown prepared in office 60.00
Temporary CAD/CAM crown/bridge unit from 200.00
Cementing of crown / inlay / onlay / laminate / bridge unit from 10.00


Tooth extraction (according to complexity) from 80.00
Wisdom tooth extraction (according to complexity) from 150.00
Tooth extraction with sedation from 300.00
Lip or tongue frenulum loosening (frenectomy) 70.00
Implantation from 850.00
Temporary implantation crown 280.00
Artificial bone grafting (0.5 g) 165.00
Bone grafting from 1300.00
Bone augmentation from 1200.00
Gingivoplasty 150.00
Vestibuloplasty 270.00
Suturing from 30.00
Removal of sutures and wound inspection 30.00
Wound rinsing and inspection 50.00


Gingivoplasty (one tooth) 15.00
Laser treatment of pericoronitis (entire mouth) 200.00
Removal of gingival pigmentation 200.00
Apicoectomy 300.00
Treatment of abscess 45.00
Decontamination of gingival pocket with laser 50.00
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